3, 2, 1, Infinity! 

A Decentered Poiesis of Haiku, Code, and Photography

ufka baktım da 
gökte denizi gördüm
denizde göğü.

staring at the horizon
I see the sea in the sky
the sky in the sea. 

#include <>

void main
  int sky = earth = 1;
  do {
    while (sky && earth)       {

void sail() {


“As all existence flashes like a lightning on the summer sky in one brushstroke, in one breath, the artist and external world, the subject and the object, the visible and the invisible, emptiness and fullness, all dichotomies becomes one in the totality of the great void. And this is what the artist seeks to realize.”


12/2013, Yalova  |  02/2017, Bursa  |  04/2018, Kobe.

Exhibited in State Fine Arts Gallery, Bursa.
Presented at the 18th Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities, Kobe.