Yaz / Summer 


Gökte bir bulut görüp
içine düştüm.

I see a cloud one day
and I fall in the sky.

03/2018, İstanbul.

çalışmadım ya
katlı iş önlüğünde
arı yuvası.

nests a potter wasp
inside my folded apron
since I haven't worked.

08/2020, Davutpaşa.


nane çiçekte
buram buram kokuyor
yaprağı işte.

mint in blossom
such abundant fragrance
a handful of leaves.

08/2019, My father’s tomb.


for those who are locked in
chasing for illusory freedoms

there is a darkness lingering
at the shining gates of escape paths

a web that graceful life is woven
along with curse and death   

yet it is the real freedom for some
to be wrapped in silk softness

in a moment of eternity
in a web of life and death

07/2020, İstanbul.